Product Suite 

The Cosium PMS is a true cloud-based application that allows both optical and audiology practices to support the everyday running of their business.
Your patient and the journey they take with you in practice is key, so having the right software to make that journey as quick, easy and professional is vital.


CosiumOptic is a comprehensive and intuitive optical store management software. It's many features allows opticians to manage their business more efficiently and provide better performance throughout.


AudioCentre is a software package designed to optimise and facilitate the overall management of audio-prosthesis centres.

Technological Innovations

Virtual Try On

Increase traffic to your website with Cosium's new interactive virtual fitting solution, Virtual Try On. It integrates into your website in a simply and easily and is accessible from any platform.


Entirely designed by Cosium and 100% made in France. Digi-Hub is an innovative dispense tool that offers the optician speed, mobility and productivity, all through an exceptional user experience.


IT Services

Whether it's increasing your sales, retaining your customers or optimising your costs. Cosium's range of additional services will help.


To ensure you achieve better productivity and rapid control of your software, our team of experts make sure you benefit from comprehensive training on all products.