Virtual-Try-On by Cosium

T he Cosium Augmented Reality Virtual Try-On offers a unique experience in real time 3D to your customers. With the help of a webcam and of our unique face analysis algorithm, any screen becomes a dramatically enhanced digital mirror, where your customer can evaluate a potentially unlimited number of frames while also simulating lens colours, tints and treatments and, more importantly, prescription and lens index.

Initially designed to facilitate online sales and click-to-mortar shopping, the solution can be easily integrated into an omnichannel strategy, but also enhance dramatically the customer experience at the point of sale.


As expected, the Virtual Try-On shows the user wearing the glasses with the treatments they have chosen, superimposed and properly positioned on their face as they move their head, with the same freedom as facing a real mirror. However, Cosium brought the invention a little bit further.

Cosium Virtual Try-On offers two modes to simulate the user wearing the chosen frame: in real time (like a mirror) or deferred. The real time mode shows the frames on the wearer, even if the latter is already wering glasses. The deferred mode allows the capture of a detailed real-time mini-video of the user, moving their head in front of the camera. The 3D rendering accurately tracks the movement on the video, and can be shown after the event, with frames being changed on the fly.

The rendering engine developed by Cosium provides a very accurate reproduction of the frame designs and textures. The scale is accurately represented since it is based on the actual of the pupillary distance measurement of the wearer. Frames, shapes and colours are stored in a searchable database and are offered to the user in a convenient selection window. There is no practical limit on how many frames can be stored, searched and displayed.


By using Artificial Intelligence technology with our exclusive augmented reality rendering, Cosium can offer a real “Image Consultant” experience for the customer. The analysis of their facial characteristics, including the shape of their face, their gender and their age, allows Cosium’s software to autonomously recommend a selection of frames and, of course, show the selected frames on their face. The recommendations can be viewed online or in store, shared on social media, saved for future use, and integrated into personalised marketing campaigns.

This experience can be offered online or at the point of sale and assisted by a dispensing optician or optical assistant. Indeed, through its configuration, the recommendation glasses can be developed from a very large set of products, or only from models referenced at the point of sale, or from a selection with a particular marketing interest.