About us

Cosium develops cloud-based software solutions and devices for the healthcare industry.

Within a few years since its inception in 2003, Cosium acquired a dominant position in the marketplace as an influencer in software and hardware for customer-facing applications for Optical stores and audiology centres.

Now operating out of 21 countries and supporting 7000 + customers,  Cosium decided to open a new UK office based in Shrewsbury in the heart of the Shropshire countryside to help manage and support the growth of the company.

The innovative approach to software and medical devices that bring new and fresh ideas make a real difference to the working days of health and retail professionals.

As well as helping to manage behind the scenes with our Business Intelligence tools and innovative use of leading-edge technologies, Cosium offer a complete ICT outsourcing service, able to support customers both large and small.

Offering a variety of services to the industry, from 3D representation and applications to custom-designed electronics for optical retail and domiciliary care.

Our international team based in Versailles is also rapidly expanding to keep up with demand with new support and development staff being added.

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"Being able to offer powerful and innovative solutions for the benefit of healthcare professionals is an essential part of Cosium's growth"

Cyril Bailly CEO