Countdown to Optrafair has started

Countdown to Optrafair has started

The anticipation is on for the next UK optical industry event to which Cosium is taking part: the ubiquitous Optrafair, taking place in April at the NEC Birmingham.

Optrafair is the second event this year at which Cosium will be seen on UK soil, after creating the surprise with our 560 sq ft stand at 100% Optical in January, the largest and most noticeable stand of any Optical Software provider.  We are coming again with a similar design at Optrafair, in a prominent position, very close to the entrance. The stand number is D-12, we are ready to make sure you won't be able to miss it.

While trade shows are arguably globally in a slow decline, they are still a great vehicle for putting a face to a name and getting to know your future software partners. Cosium received many enquiries at 100% Optical, and we are looking forward to bring our software and devices to more UK optical businesses. However, it's not all about selling: we also want to meet the industry movers and shakers, show them the great things we could do together, bring their technologies and ours in synergy for the benefit of the optical business.

And have some fun in the process.  And maybe a little French surprise.

A little history

Optrafair started in 1978, my first one was in 2004. At the time, I was a beginner in the optical industry, and it seemed the largest and greatest event ever (then I went to Mido in 2006). Since then, many multinationals have started investing their marketing dollars differently, and creating alternative events. Also, many trade shows suffered from insensitive scheduling (like having three shows in a row in the USA, Italy and the UK) and that brought its share of issues in attendance numbers. But from all I remember in all of those years, even if the number of exhibitors wasn't increasing, the quality of visitors was constantly on the up.

Optrafair was first introduced by the FMO as a show ‘by the sector, for the sector’ and the organisers are very proud to bank on those values.  FMO, the Federation of Manufacturing Opticians, are a non-profit organisation and surpluses from Optrafair are reinvested for the benefit of the sector.

Their publishing partner is the Optician Magazine, check out the upcoming issues for our beautiful advertising features ...

Why Birmingham?

The reason why they chose the NEC seems close to the reasons why Cosium elected to establish in the Birmingham area. Set in the heart of the UK, the NEC has good travel links to the whole of Britain, Ireland, and Europe. There are also CET events on offer, and of course the Optician Awards.

We look forward to seeing you on our stand, D-12.

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